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Why have I started writing?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I have realised I am not that bad at writing.

I am better at sharing my thoughts than I thought I was. So long as I stick to the topic.

My lack of confidence held me back. I had wanted to have a website for years but told myself I could not create good content.

If I look back at how my creative skillset has evolved in ten or 15 years, I would have known that is not true.

I feel journalism was not the right career path for me when I made that choice in 2006. But I found skills I doubted I had, and bettered skills I already had.

If I take time to consider what I write, I will be as successful as I have been elsewhere as a creator.

Paul Laing, holding a camcorder and under a covered enclosure at Hurlford, in 2018.
Me filming for Largs Thistle in 2018. Photo thanks to Ryan Scott Photography

Ten years ago, I never thought I would film football for Largs Thistle. I was not comfortable behind a camcorder. Bad experiences with expensive editing software at university scared me.

I now have nine years of match highlights on our YouTube channel. But to be honest, I am getting bored of it. I want to do more than film and edit.

I have begun recording Largs Thistle podcasts with Murray Grayston. Please be kind when critiquing them. I last subscribed to podcasts ten years ago.

Our podcasts are great for titular host Murray. He is an excellent broadcast journalism student and a great talker. He is studying ten years after me in a quite different digital world to the one I studied in.

I will not pretend this website is as clean, or as accessible, as I would like it to be. Be patient with me.

My current job reminds me why a great website is as important as great social media. A website has more professional élan than even the best social media content.

Coronavirus has helped me find my voice on social media, through Largs Thistle. I have had to create content for supporters during a year without regular football.

I know why I support Largs Thistle, and why I want others to support us too. You cannot miss how successful we have been recently, and how great we are to be a part of.

I am still hesitant to be public about myself on social media. I rarely take photos of myself, or let others take them.

This website lets me share my content, and become more open about who I am. For me, social media is not the right place.

I have been creating content for over ten years and kept Largs Thistle fighting during lockdown. Writing will not be that hard.

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