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New clothes will help me feel good.

A red, yellow and black striped shirt on a coat hanger, being held up by a hand.
My favourite red shirt

The shirt in the photo is a great shirt. But I need new shirts, trousers, shoes, and other clothes.

I like stripes on my clothes, and I like the colour red. That shirt is my first-choice shirt for nights out and special events. You have probably seen me wear it before.

The problem is, I have had it for too long. I will not say exactly when I bought it. The shop that I bought it from, in East Kilbride Shopping Centre, has long closed.

I have not given as much importance to clothes as other people I know. If I was comfortable, I was happy. But, to pardon the pun, clothes have a shelf life.

Clothes may not be as important to me as other people, but a change of clothes say a lot. It shows I am confident in myself.

I prefer quality over quantity. I can have both. A change of clothes will make me feel good about myself.

I am doing what I enjoy, and life is going well. I do not always show this in the way I dress.

When I worked in retail and in warehouses, I did not need many quality new clothes. Now, I am a professional working five days a week.

I must look good to feel good. Even when I work from home, others notice when you wear the same clothes often. Microsoft Teams does not hide that.

When my parents are insisting they take me shopping for more, that says something. When good parents intervene, they mean well.

For my own sake, I cannot promise to buy more clothes, only for them to be stripy and red. That is no different to wearing the same clothes for too long.

I must buy new clothes to look good and feel good.

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