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Missing work on weekends?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I never thought I would admit this, I am missing work on a Saturday.

I am now in my first Monday to Friday job since university 10 years ago. My previous retail jobs did not include Saturday afternoons (though I would often work the evenings). My previous communications job was part-time.

Monday to Fridays is busy. I work in the NHS, but it is not all about coronavirus. I know not to look at work when I am not at work, and to rest on weekends.

I did not realise how useful this advice was until I started working full-time. I did not have enough time when I was part-time, but also did not always have enough to do.

“Rest” for me on weekends would usually be more work; getting ready for Largs Thistle games, then filming and editing them. It is a second job, and I enjoy doing it.

Usually, I would have left the flat before midday. I would be working, or driving, until at least 10pm – before 2018 as late as 2am.

Barrfields Stadium, taken from the top entrance to the pitch.
Barrfields Stadium, home of Largs Thistle. Photo thanks to Ryan Scott Photography.

But in lockdown, there is nothing to do.

Without football, I am sleeping until late afternoon. I do not much have the urge to refresh the club Twitter timeline, not that there is much to see.

Sundays would be competitive gaming days, either Pokémon cards, Super Smash Bros, or both. Competitive gaming needs strategy and practice.

Those have not happened in 2021. You can play these games online, but that is not the same as meeting people and playing together.

Without Pokémon, I am wandering outside when it is getting a bit dark. I will not spend the same time playing games online, as online is not good.

My family tell me full-time work will make me busier on my days off. I will wake up earlier and need to find things to do.

This has not happened to me yet. This must be a relic of part-time, even long-term night shift work.

We all know why we are staying indoors, and why we cannot do a lot of what we want to do. It is saving lives and protecting health and making me almost want to be working on a Saturday.

Weird, but I doubt it is only me.

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