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I must have healthier dinners

A small portion of pasta in a red bowl.
A bowl of pasta, which should be a side dish

I must start eating healthier, and bigger, dinners. I rely too much on quick-to-cook food, and the same food.

My diet needs to improve. I have thankful I have never had to show you the insides of my fridge, as it rarely changes.

What is worse is I am a fussy eater. Too often, I find something I enjoy, and eat too much of it.

My routine for 15 years: I find a meal I like - usually a margarita pizza or chicken pieces - I stock my fridge with them and eat them several times a week, before I scunner myself. When I find something new, the same thing happens.

I rarely make myself big meals. Whether it is a pizza, chicken bites, or toad in the hole, there is unlikely to be a side dish. Instead of a side, I will eat chocolate, crisps or ice cream. That will not keep me full, and it is not healthy.

I eat too much junk food as I struggle to find meals I enjoy. I do not know why I am picky with food, but I am.

This was a challenge for my family when I was too young to cook for myself. 15 years of independent living have made me complacent.

There are healthier foods I enjoy. Baked beans and pasta are not perfect, but are suitable side dishes.

When I have made those healthier choices for dinner, I have made them on their own, and not as sides.

The bowl of pasta in the picture was my mums. It is not enough for a whole meal, but it would be perfect with pizza and a hot bread.

I do not think I could go vegan like my parents, but I am sure they could teach me a thing or two about sides.

I have been cooking my own food for 15 years. I know I have a few more meals, and sides, to show for it.

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